Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I need your help again....Name This Cat...

I need some suggestions for a name for this sweet little girl in the comments below.
new calico cat

This beautiful half-grown kitten magically appeared on our property over the weekend and needs a name. Yes, she needs everything else, too. Food, water, shelter, safety, and spayed! Living in the country is wonderful, but one drawback is the heartless abandonment of animals by people who think their unwanted ones will find love and a great future on some farm. All they have to do is drop them off and all will be well.

The reality is that many never make it. I have no idea how long this one was hiding in our shed, or if there are more in there who may be dead by now because they were too frightened to "speak up." One year, I found 18 kittens in my yard, left the night before, and though I gathered them all up, I found the 19th one the following a skeleton. It had crawled into a box and kept quiet. Never saw that one... No one owned up to the dump-off.

If people can't keep their animals, or "excess kittens" as they are called around here, they can easily take care of the problem. It's called spay and neuter. At the very least, take them to a shelter and explain the situation. Just don't abandon them indiscriminately in an area you think will be "nice."

Even if you know it would be, it's extremely presumptuous to dump an animal on someone else because you think they can afford it. If they want a new pet, it's up to them to decide when and where to get one.

So here are some names I found on several cat-naming websites. "Vote" for one, or send me your ideas. There is no deadline, but please, I don't want to keep calling her "the new cat" for too long. She'll get used to it! (Or I will...)

alyssa   cleo   cookie   gracie    jazzy    tink    zsa zsa
bacardi    barley    calypso     gadget    half pint
kabuki    ladybug    niblet    paisley    taffy  skittles
veta    vita    waffles    zephyr    pepsi    sparkle
bubbles    gabby    vanna    autumn    luna   patch
patches    pepper    picasso    speckles    motley

(Highlighted names seem to be the most popular for now. Thanks to everyone who has sent me their comments.)


Darlene said...

What do you think of Alyssa? It means of the alliysum, sweet flower. My preference is for people names for pets. They're family members!

Bless you for taking this little girl in, along with all the others you have save. Has anyone ever taken up a collection to help you? Perhaps a feed store in town?

Unknown said...

What a beautiful cat and she, like the others, is so lucky to have found you. Darlene's suggestion is excellent, as is the possibility of using a local store as a collection point to help you with the expense of caring for all the "unwanteds" that you so kindly take in.