Thursday, October 08, 2009

Newest Cat at our Shelter - Thanks to Twitter!

When we first heard about this kitty in an online post at, we couldn't resist helping her. She was stuck in a high-kill shelter in Georgia and only a year old. Because she's black, her chances of escaping the needle were slim... unless someone stepped forward to give her a home. Black animals typically are not adopted as readily as other colors and breeds, so they often are the first to go.

We weren't the only ones to speak up to save her life, but somehow, we got chosen to be DaLinda's new home. And we feel so honored to have her here now. It was a long ride from Georgia to Nebraska, and the weather wasn't being very nice at the time (recall the flooding in Atlanta), but she finally made it here, to her new home.

We gave her a new name right away, since she has left her old life behind and begins a new one here... plus, calling her Georgia will always help us to remember where she came from.

Don't laugh... we've rescued over 1,000 cats. If we don't give them names that help jog our memories, we'd never remember their histories. We'd be looking them up in our notebooks all the time. (See other cats we have rescued, here:

She's not brown, but she is our Sweet Georgia Kitty.