Monday, September 01, 2014

Kitty has a name!

UPDATE: Our new kitty now has a name! She will be called Sheba. As a family member pointed out, she certainly thinks she's the queen of something, and Sheba came to mind first.

Check out my article on naming pets and you'll see why we felt it was important to select a name suggested by a member of the family. When everyone at home has a stake in the pet's presence, it helps to ensure they are all on board with proper care and consideration. Seriously, this cat is going to need extra patience and effort to help her become a part of this household.

Sheba is still very nervous about the other cats and has to be isolated when I can't be with her to supervise. She wears a harness during the day with a leash so I can hold her back when she tries to attack another cat. For now, she sits calmly by my chair at the computer and has accepted the leash. The other cats walk a wide berth around her, she growls, I give a little tug on the leash, and she settles down. She'll get used to everyone soon, but patience rules!

 She may be adopted but will need to be the only pet if people are not willing to work on helping her to relax and be calm. She does just fine when there are no other cats in the room. Her attitude may change after she's been spayed, too. For now, though, Sheba is a "work in progress" and we love her.

Sept. 3 - What a difference a day makes! Or two. Sheba no longer needs her harness or the leash. She's quite at home and has accepted the 3 cats living in "her" room....the family room, where the computer is. She sits on my desk and helps write emails and stories. And when that gets boring, she zooms from one end of the room to the other....and back......and does swirls and tumbles along the way. She seems to be letting it all hang out now that she can relax and trust.

Next step, but not too soon, will be to meet the 12 cats that live upstairs! I think she can handle it. Do you? Leave a comment...thanks!

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Judy said...

Hi, Roberta - How did Sheba let you know she no longer needed the harness and leash ? I'm very interested in interspecies communication. And, how nice that she has computer skills ! Sheba can help with e-mails and the newsletter, and maybe even with writing your books . . .