Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Day For Calypso! Adopted!

Well, Calypso got very lucky and is no longer in danger. Sometimes, I think, just starting a wave of interest jostles the universe enough to initiate a chain of events we weren't expecting, but ends up being for the best.

Calypso was literally dumped on the streets of New York City after being a pampered house pet for her 3 or so years. But her rescuers knew the people involved and were able to pick up the cat before she could run far or get into trouble. I was asked to help, and I spread the word.

Thanks to everyone who jumped in to give this little gal a chance. When they realized she would go to strangers, they decided to keep her themselves. And this is fine. They are dedicated cat lovers. And I will be able to get progress reports, too! There is comfort in knowing that contact will be possible. Sometimes we lose that with adoptions.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped.

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