Friday, July 08, 2011

Ciego, the Purring Blind Kitty

I just had to share this with you today. Ciego (which is Spanish for "blind") is my special kitty that I rescued 8 years ago from an abusive farm situation. I got 5 kittens out that day, but only 2 survived, and then even one of the two didn't make it. But Ciego did! Her head was a ball of pus from the infection and you couldn't even see her ears. They were plastered down in it. She could hardly breathe. And her eyes were gone...

Three vets refused to work on her because they felt it would be more humane to put her down. I was new to rescue and just couldn't accept that. So I gave her massive doses of penicillin on my own. After about 5 months, she was doing pretty well. Finally, our shelter vet agreed to work on her. He even spayed and vaccinated her.

Now, at 8 years old, she still has some issues with respiratory problems, but we handle them as they come up. She can't be allowed to play as hard or as long as she would like, as she goes into what appears to be an asthma attack, though the vet said it's not asthma.

But my little Ciego is a very happy kitty and she purrs a lot...and loud! Just watch this:

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Karlos A Kitty said...

that is so wonderful, you saved this little soul an gave her a loving environment and meaningful life despite all odds. Sad no one else recognized the value of her life in the scheme of things.
Thank you for bieng there for her, I hope more people read this and change how they assign value to lives other than their own.
May you and Ciego have long happy lives together!