Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Please Help Calypso - Her Time is Running Out!

A beautiful marmalade Persian cat named Calypso needs our help, and soon! She used to live with an elderly gentleman who passed away recently and his daughter, who promised to take care of the cat, instead threatened to dump her at the NYC animal shelter. And we all know what that would mean for this friendly, young cat.

She's spayed and has all her vet care, but a kind person has volunteered to be sure she's up to date on everything if a transport, or foster home, or even a new home, can be found. In fact, I will take her myself if a transport can be set up. She reminds me of one I used to have...

Calypso, about 3-5 years old, likes to be with people and talks a lot. She's currently in a very temporary foster home, until Saturday only, and gets along with the cats there.

Here is a photo of my "marmalade Persian," Tiffany, who passed away last year, but while we wait for a recent photo of Calypso, you can get an idea of what she looks like here.

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