Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Sadly, my newsletter provider service is not working this month. All efforts and attempts to create and send this month's newsletter, The Kitty Times, have failed.  Even the text-only version refused to send out to all of you on my list. I sent in several support requests but never got a response. So my only recourse is to simply publish the letter here, on my blog. This way it's also available to everyone!

 So here is the May 7 edition for you (sorry, a couple days late):

First up, here are the holidays for May:

National Pet Month. (US)
Responsible Animal Guardian Month.
Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Sponsored by Pet Cancer
        Awareness and the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research.
Chip Your Pet Month.

National Pet Week--1st week of May
Be Kind to Animals Week--1st week of May
National Professional Pet Sitters Week
1st full week: American Humane’s Be Kind to Animals Week.
      This week-long event has been celebrated since 1915. Always the first full
      week of May.
May 1-7, 2016: National Pet Week. Always held the first full week of May by the
      American Veterinary Medical Association.

May 3: National Specially Abled Pets Day
May 3: National Disabled Pets Day
Endangered Species Day - May 18, 2018 (Third Friday in May) There are big cats on that list!
May 8: National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day.

May 30 - Hug Your Cat Day! Some say May 3 others May 15.  As for me, every day is Hug Your Cat Day!

And here are a few June holidays to get you started, since the newsletter comes out on the 7th.

June 4: Another Hug Your Cat Day!
June 3-9:  Pet Appreciation Week. First full week in June.
June 9: World Pet Memorial Day.

This is a very cute and very short video of an adorable kitty who makes quite
a face when she smells something interesting on her person's hand!




This site is dedicated to sharing stories, videos, photos and anything
else about our fabulous furry feline friends. Feel free to explore their
many stories, share ideas and stories and ask questions about your cat.


Big Cats LOVE Catnip Too!

I love watching the big cats go crazy for catnip, just like our
little tigers at home!



Pets Paint at Best Friends Animal Society

In between playtime, walks and training, animals at Best Friends
Animal Sanctuary engage in activities that enrich their lives, and
they create amazing works of art in the process. With a smattering
of animal-safe paint, they're making their world a little more beautiful,
and helping to find their forever homes in the process.

They are doing this project as a fundraiser, too, and you can purchase
some of the artwork. However, some of it is available for a free download
also. I picked up some new wallpaper of kitty pawprints for my screen




Do you know the signs of stress in your cat? Most cat people recognize
when their beloved pet is under stress, but many do not. Share the
information in this article with friends and others you know who may
not be offering the best care to their cats simply because they don't
realize their cat is under stress. Too many cats are punished for behavior
they can't help because their owners don't know the signs or how to help
them. There is good info on this site for dogs, too.



A warning about bobcat fever!




Worried about pet food safety? Report Problems to the FDA!





Shelter feed links:

Helpful Links:

Share the #TruthAboutCats with your friends:

Disaster preparedness tips.
My disaster preparedness page for animals and people: ccadrt.1hwy.com
I just added more new links for the hurricane season.

Need help with your vet bills? This site offers some good information.


Past issues are stored at this link, if you would like to see them, and hope it works. 


My email links:
hipaws @ hotmail.com
felinehelpline @ live.com
catsgalore4 @ hotmail.com

Just as a side note, I've also obtained a new domain, just in case something
weird happens to my old stand-by, the problemcat.com. Anything is possible
right now as I am in the process of reorganizing everything since my husband
passed away just before Christmas. We were partners in all the business ventures
we had going on the internet and now I must change the names and settings on
the many accounts we had set up.
The new site is called MyProblemCat.com
For now, it redirects to TheProblemCat.com, but I hope to relaunch it this
coming year with a new look.

See you next month!

RJ Peters, the Cat Lady

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