Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Interview With a Senior Cat

Well, it's been another year and Holly is still with us! She's 26 now and we're very happy she's doing so well. Here is an interview I did with her the other day:
 Me - Welcome, Holly! It's nice of you to let me interview you today!

Holly - Well, I'm not doing anything else, so why not? The sun is out and it's finally warm enough to sit on the deck railing again. Boy, what a winter! I hope it's over.

Me - I do, too! It looks like this is your favorite spot. I have a lot of pictures of you sitting here through the years.

Holly - Yes, it is. The deck is best in the morning when the sun is shining here, then I like to rest in the sunny spots in the laundry room for the afternoon.

Me - You just sit on the railing? You don't go anywhere?

Holly - No. At my age, I don't care to chase and play with the youngsters anymore. I have to hiss and swat at them to leave me alone when they try to entice me into one of their silly games.

Me - They probably have never seen any cats your age! So tell me, what's been going on since last year when I featured you on my blog for your 25th birthday?

Holly - Oh my, I'm on the internet? Did anybody say anything about that?

Me - Yes, a lot of people left birthday greetings, but we had some trouble with the internet and all the comments disappeared. I'll show you the ones that came in after that.


Everybody admires you for being a great cat and living to such a ripe old age!

Holly - They do? Did you know that 26 cat years is like 120 human years?

Me - I did! I have a chart on that...somewhere....If I can find it, I'll put it in the Kitty Times newsletter again. Can you tell us the secret of your longevity, how you have managed to live so long?

Holly - I think one reason could be that I've never been left to fend for myself as an outside cat or ignored inside the house. I've always been loved. I think love is the most important factor in achieving a long life.

Me - I think that's true, and you're definitely one of the lucky ones. I'll never forget the day we brought you home.

Holly - Me neither! I was 15 then and it was a cold winter, like this year. I don't remember the date, though.

Me - It was in March, 2004. You've been here for 11 years.

Holly - Thank you for not sending me to live with anyone else, by the way. I knew you did that because you feared no one would want to adopt a senior cat. I missed my family for a while, but it's been good here, too. Say, did you ever find my actual date of birth?

Me - No, and that's why I chose March as your unofficial birthday.

Holly - That's OK, but I suppose that's why I'll never win the "oldest cat" trophy. We can't prove anything without papers.

Me - That's right, but we both know how old you are and I celebrate you every day for being here. Say, you look like you've filled out a little since last year, too.

Holly - Yes! I gained almost 2 pounds this year. Thanks for serving my favorite food....meat! We kitties are carnivores, you know.

Me - I know, and I respect that and want you to be happy and healthy.

Holly - I'm sorry I don't groom myself these days. I just don't like licking my fur anymore.

Me - That's OK. I enjoy brushing you. Sorry about having to shave the mats off, though.

Holly - I'm sorry, too. I just can't always keep my tongue in my mouth and the drool dries on my fur now and then.

Me - I understand. Well, it's been a long day and it's time to eat again. What would you like for supper?

Holly - You have to ask? OK, I'm ready! I know it's going to be the good stuff again!

Me - You got it, girl. Thanks for chatting with us and Happy Birthday again!


Unknown said...

when did you start speaking human Holly? lol
she's beautiful Bert

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Holly! What a wonderful and beautiful cat you are. You are so lucky to have a wonderful mom who loves you so very much! (From Amy)

Darlene said...

Happy Birthday, Holly! You are beautiful for ANY age! I'm sending you birthday hugs and kisses all the way from Massachusetts! And lots nd lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday greetings Karen, Amy and Darlene! I'm honored to hear from you! *purrrrrr*