Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Cat Quiz

At this time of year, everyone is writing articles about keeping kids, pets and even ourselves safe during the holidays. I'm sure we all know how to do that by now, right? Since this blog is about cats, here is a little True-False quiz you can take to see how well you've been paying attention to your cat's holiday well-being:

Answer these as True or False:

1. It's OK to let your cat drink water from the Christmas tree stand.

2. Fragile ornaments should only be used near the top of the tree, if used at all.

3. Any decorations involving candles should be watched carefully and flames extinguished if you leave the room, including when you go to bed for the night.

4. Cats love tinsel, so be sure to hang it everywhere.

5. Cats never bother electrical cords, so don't worry about running as many as you want behind the furniture.

6. If the house gets crowded and full of excitement as you and your friends or family celebrate, most cats can become stressed and may escape outside, so keep them in a quieter room during parties and family gatherings.

7. If the cat does slip outside, be sure there is some ID on the collar in case of loss, theft or accident.

Check your answers here, at the bottom of the page:

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