Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fluffy is Now Gus!

Thanks to everyone who helped with Fluffy's new name contest. The name "Gus" received the most votes, short for Asparagus, although Augustus picked up a few votes, too, which I added in because the nickname is the same... Gus. Jean wins my ebook, 7 Steps to 9 Lives, for her winning entry, which I have emailed to her.  (You can see it on my web site here: 7 Steps to 9

Everyone who submitted a name also wins! I will be sending my report, 7 Feline Mysteries, to you if you sent in one of these names...

Here is the voting breakdown:

Arlo - 3 votes
Asparagus - 8
Augustus - 3
Denali - 1
Fluffers - 4
Fluffy - 2
Leon Blanco / White Lion - 5
LuvDuv - 2
Muffy - 1
Shah - 1
Snow Bear - 2
Snow Boy - 1
White Knight - 1

When Fluffy/Gus is ready, I will take a new picture of him. I haven't told him yet, but I'll do that tomorrow and see what he thinks.

Thanks everyone!

P.S. - If you would like to read an article about naming pets, visit:

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