Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is It Halloween Again Already?

It seems like only yesterday, but here it is, another year gone by and we're shopping for costumes for the kids, and maybe even for our pets, too.

Remember these few pointers for a successful Halloween:
  •     Costumes should be comfortable and loose enough to allow movement without getting tangled.
  •     Most candy is toxic for animals, so the best approach is to just keep it all away from them.
  •     Electric cords and candles should be placed safely to avoid tripping on them and causing a fire.
  •     Keep your cat inside all evening. It's potentially hazardous outside, so just avoid it.
  •    It's especially hazardous for black cats, so keep them inside for a few days before and after the holiday.
  •     Be sure your cat is wearing a collar and ID tag just in case he becomes frightened and darts out the door when it is opened for visitors.

Enjoy your Halloween!

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