Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Next Emergency! Give Diamond a Chance, Too!

Little Diamond is still a kitten, but she is on the short list and will be put down very soon if we can't find a safe place for her. We don't know her history, but she must be very frightened. She has been deemed unadoptable because she bites. But she has not had the luxury of a loving relationship with humans who are willing to socialize her. So, she becomes scared when someone gets too close; and if they don't honor her warnings to give her a little space, she bites.

We feel that her young age is in her favor, because there is still time to help her learn that not everyone is out to get her. In other words, she still has the potential to become a great pet. We want to provide that chance. She needs either a ride to Nebraska where she will be given some loving assistance and training, or to be moved into a no-kill shelter in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions:

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