Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good News - Bad News, but Mostly Good

The bad news is, I'm not getting this kitty now. But the good news is great: She's been adopted along the way. The rescuer who arranged the transport has a friend whose son has been looking for a cat. He was originally going to drive the final transport leg to me, but fell in love with "Skittles" when he met her, and asked if he could keep her. I agreed, since he's been OK'd (pre-approved by rescue anyway), and I'm not in the "collecting" business. Just a last hope sanctuary, basically. Still, if I had not spoken up to guarantee this one a home, she would have been euthanized that day. At least I got her out of the pound! Now I have room for the next emergency. By the way, Skittles is now named Olive, and things are working out very well.

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Kiddo said...

So happy for Skittles/Olive!