Friday, September 03, 2010

Georgia is a Sink Cat!

Not only does Georgia love being in all the sinks here, but she also loves the bath tub... even when I'm in it! But the only pictures I have here to share with you are the sink shots. It's hard to take a picture of Georgia sitting on my legs in the bathtub. (Like that's the only reason I don't have one.)


It's easy to imagine why she enjoys the bathtub, because she plays in there so often... sort of like a skateboard ramp. And she doesn't even need a toy to create so much fun. But the sink? Not much room to play, though she seems to have fun squirming around in it. I think it's because it's cooler. The weather has been so hot this summer, all the cats have located cooler spots to snooze in all day. There's only one window air conditioning unit here, and the dogs have claimed the floor in front of it, so only the cats who don't mind canine proximity share that premium space.

Georgia likes the dogs OK, but they won't play, so she just sighs and darts back to the bathtub.

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